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Thread: Turnabout electric wheelchairs

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    Turnabout electric wheelchairs

    Hi everyone, just wondered if anyone had used the indoor wheelchairs that actually rotate 360 degrees. Ed cannot move his manual wheelchair now and he has a Spectra XTR for his electric wheelchair. The Spectra is great for going out but is so big in our medium size rooms with all the other things. Even if we moved out furniture it would still take up a huge amount of room and would be almost impossible for Ed to manouver easily to turn around. The one we have looked at one line is a turnabout 312.

    I know that these are usually not very good for outdoors but we are looking for something smaller to keep Ed independant as much as possible. At the moment he can't go to the loo of his own because he can't move the manual chair, so someone has to be with him most of the time.

    Any help or recommendations would be great.

    Hope you are all having a good day. Love Diane

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    Hi Diane,

    Before I begin rambling ,my best wishes to you and Ed, yes I have the salsa chair and it is very good turns on the spot, is brilliant outdoors and even better indoors ,I can get mine through any doorway in the bungalow even in the wetroom if needed so I can recommend this bit of kit .


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    Hi Pete, thanks for that I will check. It out. The one that we were looking at it is the seat that turns and it. The whole wheelchair, do you know anything about that type? Hope you are well. Diane

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    Hi Diane, I have a Spectra XTR too. I also have a Mambo Micro smaller power chair, rather like the turnabout 312. The little one came apart to put in the car and was handy in small spaces. Our house is old with wide doors and large rooms so I manage with the Spectra indoors now. I can't use the small one now as it is not supportive enough and I need the tilt the Spectra offers to relieve the pressure on my bum. It depends how much support Eddie needs but it could be really useful indoors. If you could try one it would be useful.

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