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Thread: sad state of care

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    The eagle has landed Gerald so the coast is clear for your Italian feast......
    hope your news is good
    speaking of Sean Connery, today a book fell on his head.........he said:" I can only blame my shelf"

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    Hi all. Had our social worker down for a chat and everything mentioned is to be fully investigated and i heard our mnd co-ordinator has been for a visit. On a lighter note i have paid for a carer from our team to get christine out for a day tomorrow so she can attend our grandaughters christening we can also hve a bit of time together also. Im a bit up and down nausea feeling and pain etc im actually black and blue from vitually waist to ankle on the left side, but get the staples out on tuesday lrft leg is like a zipper at moment. Take care everyone

    Lots of hugs gerald. xxxxxx

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