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Thread: Can't Stop Crying

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    Can't Stop Crying

    Hi This is my first posting on here. I was diagnosed with MND 2 weeks ago.
    When do you stop crying.???? I break down all the time. If I see my friends or family, if someone wants to speak to me on the phone. I can't stop it.
    Then I get angry, angry with my GP who took from October 2013 until 2 weeks ago to refer me to a Neurologist.
    Help are there other people like me out there.

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    Hi Ella;

    It normally take a long time to get a diagnosis of Mnd. It seems strange that your Doctor only refereed you two weeks ago and the specialist was able to tell you you had Mnd so quickly.

    Normally you have loads of tests first to rule out the many other possibilities.

    It sounds like it's been a hell of a shock to you, many of us had a idea what we had. You will go through a whole set of emotions. My Mnd effects my emotions and after a few years I still can't see many of my old friends. This emotional problem is not so common so hopefull you will get over it soon.

    We are here to help you and try to answer your questions and provide information and support. You are very welcome here, and if you want to moan etc. then go ahead.

    Welcome from Terry
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    Hi Ella
    Welcome to this amazing forum, I have never stopped crying inside but outwardly My wife Sharyn and I have had to accept "it is what it is"
    Emotion runs high but it is an important factor, andthis forum helps as Terry points out

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    Hi there Ella,

    Really sorry to hear that you've had such a shock. When my husband was diagnosed I at least had an inkling of what it was ( a list of possibilities on the internet - I know you shouldn't but I did!). He hasn't really cried about his illness although he does get frustrated that he can no longer do things, but he has shown lots of emotions. At first he had to leave the room but now, a year on, he controls it more. He gets emotional about his favourite cars, places and causes, often quite unexpectedly.
    I hope that you find a way round this, perhaps your local MNDA representatives or the MND professional team, ours have been very good. All the best!

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    Hi ella welcome to our wonderful forum i sincerely hope we can help and support you, i. can fully understand how you feel its a dreadful diagnosis to get i suppose we all deal with these things in our own way se were pretty numb then Went hell for leather to as much as we could and in the process forget mnd. Christine gets pretty emotional from time to time also. I hope there is an mnd branch near you we find ours very good with loads of support would recommend you contact them if thats the case they can be a real support.

    Sending you a hug from us both
    Take care Gerald and christine

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    Hi Terry No I was moaning that it took my G P Oct 12 until july414 to refer me to a Neurologist. I had my appointment with the Consultant after waiting 40 weeks, he took me into hospital that same day. I had a lot of tests that week as an inpatient, including a horrendous muscle test. I was then given the diagnoses.

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    Ella, when the first neurologist said to me that he thought it was MND, I had two of the worst weeks in my life....grief stricken, scared, upset, emotional. By the time I got a diagnosis of bulbar onset MND 4 months later I had come to accept it, I think. We are almost 5 months later and we are just making a definite point of going out visiting family and friends, re- visiting old familiar, much loved places and generally getting our lives in order. It is strange but the world these days just seems brighter and more beautiful, somehow sharper in perspective.. I think you begin to appreciate just what you have got and how precious it is. Of course I get emotional days and can sometimes just break my heart, when I think about leaving my family behind but I have to keep my spirits up or life would be unbearable. I find, like so many of us, that just being on this forum keeps you going on good days and bad days. Just keep posting, Ella.

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    Night walker
    Hi Ella,

    Your GP took too long and I wish that could have been different. There is lots of good advice on here. Your consultant should be connecting you to your local support team that should include an occupational therapist, physio and other support areas. They will help you. The MND Association can also help and are just a phone call away. We take each day as it comes at the moment, hubby was diagnosed in May and we are living with MND and not giving in one inch.
    Big hugs to you.
    Sylvia x

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    Hi Ella. Welcome to the forum.

    Personally I cried a lot at first just like you. Eventually I was fed up of not feeling in control and now I take Citalapram just one a day but it works a treat. I still cry if I am tired or feel under pressure but it doesn't last for as long.

    I hope everything begins to settle down soon, you don't have to feel alone, they are a wonderful bunch of people on here. Always full of good advice and there will always be someone to listen.

    Kind regards

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    Sorry Ella;

    I did understand that you was upset with your doctor just worded my reply poorly. What was he thinking about whilst taking that long. What ever symptoms you had must have told him it was a neurological problem and there are specialists for that.

    Must agree with you about the muscle tests, such fun! I don't think.

    Best wishes, Terry

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