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Thread: Accessories for wheelchair users

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    Accessories for wheelchair users

    Hi all
    My mum has a wheelchair- electric for indoor and outdoor use. There are some accessories we need to buy such as a bag or something to carry things or for mum to put shopping; something to keep warm with etc

    Any suggestions for things that are handy accessories for wheelchair users?

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    I think you can find a lot of good things online, especially if you are looking for reasonably priced. One of the things I would caution is to not get so many accessories that her wheelchair is using a lot of energy dealing with the weight. You also want to make sure that the wheelchair will continue to fit in the wheelchair accessible vehicles that you use. You might find that these extras will actually hinder her movement.
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    Our essential is a leg warmer, we got a quilted one that I can put on without having to get my husband out of his wheelchair. We use it in spring and autumn instead of a coat as its easier to get on than a coat, and in the winter is an absolute essential if we are to spend anytime out of the house.
    The other really useful one is a short bungee cord (see Halfords) which we use to attach all sorts of bags to the back of the wheelchair, or to carry our coats whilst we are walking etc. It means that we can use most bags rather than buy expensive wheelchair designed ones, of which we have been given several and non of them have ever been much good.

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    Check out an online medical supplies store. You should be able to get an idea of what accessories are available and then decide which your mom would need.
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