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Thread: Woo-hoo, it's arrived

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    hiya- dont forget insurance. my mum received her wheelchair a couple of days ago;
    one near miss when i sent her on home with my 8 year old whilst i waited for presecription... and they went down a hill that was too steep without adjusting the angle and she nearly fell out but luckily crashed into railings! whoops

    then the next day mum went full speed ahead into a concrete bollard. no bones broken, glad she has insurance!

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    Yep, scooters are a great invention, there's no doubt. Mine has been a total liberator for me. Mine is small enough to go in the back of the estate car (Honda Accord tourer), where I've had an ekectric crane fitted to hoist it in and out. Makes me completely independent, so can go out alone.
    The crane was quite expensive, but I've been using the same one for about nine years ( might be ten, now - time flies when you're busy!!) so it has been more than worth the money. Also, I get to talk to lots of new people who come and watch me using it. I rreally ought to be getting commission from the company which supplied it, the number of times I've recommended it and gioven out their phone number! :-))


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