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Thread: Question about leg cramping

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    Question about leg cramping

    I've been having a problem with my legs cramping at night for the past month or so. It initially started with maybe once per week but has gradually increased to mild cramping every night with currently at least one excruciating cramp attack per week that hurts for a day or so afterwards.

    The latest attack on Monday night has left me in a lot of pain when walking even two days later. The cramping only affects my calf muscles at the moment.

    I started taking Baclofen and Riluzole a couple of weeks ago and also take magnesium supplements once per day. Admittedly I probably don't drink as much water as I should do each day but don't think the lack of this would be the main cause of the cramping. I bought some extra strength muscular painkillers today but they don't seem to have much of an effect and also bought a tubular support bandage, the pressure from which seems to be helping.

    My question is, do these symptoms seem typical of the stage when the legs begin to weaken & fail and I end up in a wheelchair or with crutches? I'm still working and find walking distances or up hills very hard on my legs, maybe I am over-straining them during the day. I have a desk job so it doesn't involve too much strain, but getting to and from work seems to be becoming more and more of a struggle.

    I have emailed my neurologist to see if they can arrange some physiotherapy, has anyone found this to help?

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    Hi Jean had really bad cramping in her leg and to start she took quinine but her doctor changed her to magnesium supplements instead but off the top of my head I don't remember what strength. But Jean takes 3 a day. It has made a lot of difference to the severity of the cramping. I will check later on exact dose and let you know

    Alison x

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    Hello jdv1987
    I suffer from cramp after exercise, I take a protien drink and keep the fluids topped up. Nutrition and hydration are important, if I miss the protien shake after a 60 mile ride I can be in quite severe cramps an hour later. I take magnesium malate but I don't think it helps with cramp. I could be wrong on that part.


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    Hi jdv;

    Leg/calf cramps are typical for Mnd, I have had them four four or more years. I still sort of walk and can stand unaided.

    How much Baclofen are you taking? I find Quinine helps as well. Lack of water can cause cramping but it's probably not the main cause. Overworking the muscle is not recommended with Mnd but I believe moderate exercising is good. Stretches and getting someone to move the joints through it's range of movement helps too.

    I also find raising the legs and having my knees bent stops the tensing carrying on down my legs. I find that It starts by tensing the hips and then the upper legs and this carries on to the lower leg. If you can reduce the amount of tension to the lower legs you get away without the intense pain and damage.

    Best of luck, Terry

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