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Thread: Do you still drive?

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    Went to some place near Colchester for a little test (cost 45 quid with a referal as it shold have been 90) as i was getting a little concerned about the speed between throttle and brake,I'm on a three year licence already due to honesty . I didn't expect to fail as i'm a fairly competent driver compared to half of the people i see on the road and the many people i have taken out for test drives over the years (car sales) but it was clear to me that in their test rig it was sometimes taking more than a second to get to the brake! so they recommended that i drive automatic with hand controls. Not very pleased but quite accepting of the danger in urban areas. tried one out there! Not the end of the world but a learning curve any way. So now to find a cheap auto and some hand controls unbelievably it seems cheaper to buy a car with hand controls already fitted! even though they just bolt in? My wife hates driving and shes the drinker and shes the breadwinner now! I only got nine points on the PIP 54.45 a week and i got the mobility. I should have Exaggerated a lot more six month ago as i really struggle to do much in the kitchen now! but i still get the support allowance But i dont know if i can keep that as well?

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    Hi Colin,

    You sound very much at the same stage ,it's my right foot that causes me problems ,but I attended an Radac assessment and they advised a left foot accelerator pedal ,the normal ones retained for able drivers ,but I have had several autos over the years and I still drive with both feet no longer the risk off delaying getting my foot to move as quick as I would like it to, but as time advances I can use my left foot for both, a simple addition but it works well, I did try hand controls but it really felt odd. Though in time and no choice I suspect you would get used to it .

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    Pete, at the assessment centre did they tell you to change anything on your licence with dvla? Im not quite sure what they wanted me to do. although they are sending me some paperwork. Being honest when your disabled isn't rewarded very well.

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    Hi Colin,

    They did remind me at the assessment that I was required by law to advise the DLVA of my condition, as it is a degenerative disease that's why they limit the duration of your license and can impose yearly testing, in addition they normally make it Automatics only and restrict the classes you can drive, though you can appeal if you want .
    I had previously notified the DLVA about me having MND and my insurers both are legal requirements ,and both said thank you for notifying us but neither placed any conditions or charges, hope that helps.

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    my ins company made a note but nothing changed. They said it is up to the DVLA to put restrictions on your license.

    If you drive without notifying either you are effectively driving without a valid license or insurance. When I notified the DVLA they wrote to my consultant and sent me a new license.

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    Alan Livett
    I had hand controls fitted before I needed them. Initially I continued to use my right foot for accelerating and the hand controls for braking! Over time I used the hand controls for both and now it has become second nature. I have lost the use of both legs now. Without hand controls I would have to stop driving!! Regards. Alan livett
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    Yes i told DVLA and my insurance early on to be on the safe side but neither were that bothered although they restricted me to 3 years at a time and i think they took my bike and lorry licences off. Still trying to find an auto that's tall enough and cheap!

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    Dear Forumites:

    I have a driving assessment on 26 February. I drive OK but the last thing I want is to lose my licence or be required to make major vehicle modifications at this point. For those of you who have been through re-assessment is there any advice you can offer me? should I be doing something in preparation for this?



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    Do you have to do it or is it a self referral ? I wouldn't have taken mine (Self referral) if i had known they would fail me as once you know their findings (even if you don't agree with them) it would still be your fault in an accident situation, on paper! I passed everything else with flying colors but foot positioning and speed of my right foot was too slow for an emergency stop.
    Its particularly annoying to see the sort of idiots that we have to avoid every day on the road, half of them learnt to drive abroad somewhere? As for tailgater's ( people who are scared to overtake ) It amazes me that they cant see the car in front of me!! Sorry ranting again

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    My recent head drop means I will definitely not be driving again. It is awful, but you must stop well before you cause problems to your passengers and other road uses.

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