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Thread: plates of meat

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    Joycie, I highly recommend Heat Holders brand, from Sports Direct or Amazon. Thermal socks with a TOG rating!
    I wear them every night for toastie feet.
    Love Ellie.

    Ps, may the best team win this weekend!!!

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    MNDA has provided me with a loan rise/recline chair.

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    Oh hello, Ellie. Lovely to hear from you! I will ask the lovely Peter to order in a couple of pairs from amazon. Yes, well, you know which the best team will be! Although on form I think the Irish team will probably wing it. Just watch this space though, we might just be in for a spot of welsh magic. Hope so. Will be thinking of you on Saturday xx

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    Oh Tessa, have they? I have just emailed my OT so she can organise a measure up to ensure I get one that is fit for purpose. I will tell her that about MNDA when she comes back to me. Thanks so much for the heads up. (But I have got to be careful here on what matches! - when I moved into Peters when we were married I ditched all my old furniture and his home was like a gentlemen's club - all mahogany and chesterfield furniture) What colour is your chair? (How silly, wondering what colour will go - just shows MND doesn't take away your sense of humour!!) Love Joycie x

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    Good to hear you are getting a recliner. The MNDA sorted one out for me with a firm in mid-Glamorgan. It's a two-motor model called Snowden. Sadly the remote requires replacing and the company complained that the MNDA were slow into action. Since last Thursday I have only been able to sit in it and not raise my kegs. Hopefully it will be repaired tomorrow, but I am less than impressed with the urgency showed by the MNDA.

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    is it stylish, Jock? What colour is it? These things matter to a gal like me! x

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    See page three of the photos Mine is plain camel colour.

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    Oh, thanks Jock, that would match our carpet and the décor Ha! Ha! x

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    I bought my own recliner, so far have not had to ask MNDA for help. It is a twin motor model and what with my head drop could not mange without it. The cat and I are in it all the time. Can I add I tend to be impatient, if I want something I want it now. If you apply to the MNDA for anything there are forms to be completed and delays, I looked at some chairs one day, picked one and It was delivered the next day.
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    Yes, we will probably do that but I am just asking the OT for advice. She is just super and she said right from the beginning, don't buy anything you have spoken to me. So just waiting for her input. I do have a lovely leather recliner chair that my late husband has but it doesn't have a rise function. So it is on the back burner for now! Hope you are feeling better today. Love Joycie x

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