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Thread: Helping with medical training.

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    Helping with medical training.

    i am always pleased to help train junior doctors. I have just had our GP visit me at home along with three medical students from Cambridge. They were interested to meet someone with MND and questioned Annette as well as me.

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    I agree Trevor;

    I too like to try an educate people. It is reassuring that at least they have meet and talked to one of us.

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    I too agree, I remember just before diagnosis the Neuro asking if I would mind talking to some of his students, I knew then with the questions and later google exactly why they were asking what they were

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    Whilst being diagnosed at Oxford there was a student Dr for test performed and at one point i was even examined by a deaf student. The more the merrier especially now with MND.

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    When Dad was diagnosed the initial tests were all done by two student doctors and then the neurologist came in to check what they'd done. I hope seeing us get that diagnosis and the devastation it causes stays with them and helps them in the future if they ever have to break the news to someone themselves.

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    My husband is taking part in a study which is taking place in Manchester. It is over a period of 4 years evidently. And is comparing and researching into people who have Mnd and those who have Mnd with FTD.
    The Doctor came along to the house last week and spend a good 2 hours with my husband doing various tests etc. She will be coming again in a couple of weeks.
    We as a family are so very pleased this is happening, as we feel that hopefully my hubby is contributing in a small way to help others in the future.

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    That is lovely, Spring. We too have had our sheffield neurologist here with a survey. It was very comprehensive but what we were delighted with was that it had a high emphasis on the contribution by carers. I always am so concerned about Peter and he had a real opportunity to air his opinions. These surveys are very important Hope you and Jim are ok today. Much love. Joycie xx

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    The students who came to see Trevor also saw him last March, very early on in his MND journey. At the time he was being treated by a different doctor in the surgery who was working with the students. So they saw him when his symptoms were "only" speech slight speech slurring and maybe a little difficulty drinking fluids.
    The difference in just one year will surely remain in their memories!
    I'm glad he saw them. Just a few days previously he really didn't want to as he was feeling so grim. So glad he changed his mind!
    Well done Trevor!
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    i saw students when I was Dx and when I had my PEG. I was more than happy to help, It must be rare for them to see MND patients. It also broke up a pretty boring hospital stay.

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    We are planning to start a new medical training course for students at TAMUCC (at The University Health Center Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi). It will be consist of 20 free lectures and seminars with practical tasks and research projects after each module. If you're interested, please PM me or connect with me on LinkedIn: terry-lewis-09789a40 I will later write my essay invitation and publish it on the official website. So if you subscribe, you will get it automatically.

    Best regards,
    Terry Lewis

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