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Thread: Headphones to use with NIV??

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    Headphones to use with NIV??

    Hi everyone. Hope you’re all as well as possible. Mum has started needing NIV for a few hours in the day as well as overnight. She’s thinking of listening to audiobooks while on it during the day. The mask and straps are quite big so I was wondering if anyone has any tips on good headphones to have on at the same time as the mask? NB she has very poor hand dexterity so I would be putting the headphones on for her .....

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    Hi Helen,

    That's a great idea about listening to audiobooks whilst your mum uses the NIV during the day.

    Having 2 teenage children, I've got a wide choice of earphones & headphones !

    Personally I prefer earphones, not the bargain bucket ones, but ones which cost a few quid (def < £10) for good sound quality and fit. Like your mum, someone needs to put them in for me, which is easy enough and not uncomfortable for me.

    I find even the lightweight full headphones too heavy for my weak neck muscles, but your mum may not.

    She may benefit in using a different (smaller) mask during the day - is she in contact with her resp team?

    Love Ellie.
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    Hi Helen,

    I think that the most important thing is that they fit and don't fall out.

    I wonder if a loud player would be more reliable with a remote.

    Most CDs last for just over a hour and you can get many stories from the library. You can also download books from there as well as get free books from YouTube.

    Hope you can sort something out as it would be nice for her.

    Love Terry

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