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    Electric Armchair

    Hi there,
    My dad passed away from MND nearly two years ago and we have an electric armchair that we would love someone to have. It was bought brand new, used for 1 year and has a 5 year guarantee. It is ready for collection in Essex. If anyone is interested please let me know.
    Many thanks

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    Thank you Branston;

    It's very generous of you to offer this and hope someone here can make use of it.


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    I hope so too Terry! It helped Dad enormously.

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    A lovely gesture Branston. A hospice could find use for it if no offers surface here.

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    I cannot give this chair away! It's such a shame. The hospice where my dad went cannot take it due to health and safety. Instead we are going to donate to mnd.
    Many thanks

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    I think donating it to the MNDA is a great idea....who better to make sure it gets to someone who really needs Dad's one was loaned to him by the MNDA

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