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Thread: Sorry about goodbye post

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    Sorry about goodbye post

    I did start writing this this morning but ran out of data on my phone.
    On Monday Lisa and I had massive row which started over nothing. What I didn't realise was that lisa was having nervous breakdown. I was so deviated by the argument I got in touch with hospice to go in and have machine switched off. Had to get doctor out and family. After discussion between us Tuesday we both agreed that I would go into hospice Wednesday until Friday so she could have a break. She did want me to stay in over weekend but I said no, not being cruel but hate being out of my home.
    She had very bad headache, high blood pressure and couldn't stop crying. So on Wednesday she was also admitted to the general hospital for tests.
    We did have help from Marie Curie but we got it too late I think. Lisa had worked so hard looking after me it affected her health.
    She has gone home today and me tomorrow. Marie Curie are putting a full care plan together for us. We are both ok now and love each other dearly.
    Two things I have learned.
    Don't underestimate the hard work carers do for you with MND
    Carers be aware of the pressures you are under and how hard you work and never be afraid to ask for help.
    Lisa will be going somewhere for a few days break and she deserves it.
    Sorry for long post but hard to condense.
    Thanks for all your concern about a silly old man

    Ps. I think I will stick around aa bit longer. Hope I didn't upset anyone

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    So glad you are going to get extra help and stick around a bit longer.

    The pressure is immense for both carer and sufferer and I only wish the extra help was more available . I only got help with Jean because I was advised by MNDA visitor to start refusing being there so much (which felt awful) and because she lived alone. When your caring for a spouse/partner it seems much harder to get support.

    I hope things get back to "normal"

    Best wishes.

    Alison x

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    it is so good to hear from you, David. So many of us care about you. Lots of love, as always Joycie xx

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    Thanks David for explaining;

    I do hope you get along together better and learn from the warning signs.

    Love Terry
    TB once said that "The forum is still the best source for friendship and information."

    It will only remain so if new people post and keep us updated on things that work or don't work and tips.

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    I feel for you both, it's so hard Pam S xx

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    David put it down to a lesson learned, and enjoy the love you both have for each other. God Bless
    Evil triumphs when good men stand by and do nothing.

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    Evening David,

    It's so easy to be misunderstood with all the day to day pressures shared by the sufferer and the close family involved with all mnd involves ,I am surprised that we all cope so well, trying not to offend one another and having little or no speech all goes to put the family in a meltdown , I am so glad your finding the inner strength you need and I hope you and Lisa now find peace after the break, You have no need to apologise for anything we all know how incredibly hard it is to retain any sanity at times. And I doubt if anyone thinks your silly. I hope you have a better nights rest,sleep well.
    All I need is a miracle

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    So pleased you are getting the help needed! I too collapsed from the stress. And it was thanks to Marie Curie I was able to continue with my Sharyn! Yes it is the hardest job for which we have no training, but it was worth every minute with my lady!

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    Oh David, how hard everything is for you both, I hope you will have a good care plan in for both of you, You are a lovely man....not silly at all, I can only send my warmest wishes to you and prayers, in my usual way,
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDebbiexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooo oooooooooooooooolots of virtual hugs
    God Bless you x

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    Hi David,

    I am so pleased that you have resolved the issues. Only us experience the limits of mental pressure and challenges that this disease may create. You have passed the test with flying colours.

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