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Thread: Losing your sense of smell

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    Losing your sense of smell

    My husband has lost his sense of smell. It has been happening over the last 4 weeks and now he can't smell anything. He has bulbar motor neuron has anyone else suffered from loss of smell with bulbar motor neuron. He is quite depressed at the moment because it is just another symptom. He is now feeding himself with the pump feed which has certainly helped with his secretions.

    Very grateful for your replies


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    i have bulbar onset, Bonnylass and my sense of smell has diminished considerably. It has not gone altogether, I can still smell dinner cooking and my favourite perfume but it certainly isn't as acute as it was. I don't know if anyone else has noticed anything. As you say, every week there seems to be another symptom. This disease has so many facets and things just seem to change on a sixpence, don't they? It is good news about the pump feed. Love Joycie xx

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    Well I have bulbar onset and my sense of smell has increased I'm sure. I was upstairs in bed with full face mask and I could smell her slicing Cucumber in the kitchen.. That means it had to come through the filter on the back of the BiPap machine. In fact it's one thing I complain about that I can smell everything she is cooking.

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    I think Trevor was much the same. His sense of smell became a bit better. It was the change
    in his sense of taste that really bothered him.
    X Nettie.

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