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Thread: Power assisted wheelchair & cars

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    Power assisted wheelchair & cars

    Hi all

    Posting on behalf of Mum again. She is having a visit from wheelchair services this week. She currently uses a crutch or 2 in the house, or short distances on the flat outside. She does have a mobility scooter, which being a very light weight & compact one, doesn't do at all well on slopes or uneven ground. Living in the beautiful hilly Chilterns, this is proving a problem! Mum would like to know, for those of you needing some help getting around, what do you use / recommend? Do you have a wheelchair / scooter that does the job but also fits in a normal car? Have you had to invest in a bugger vehicle to fit a power assisted wheelchair in?

    Mum came to my sons school fete today & had to pushed in a wheelchair which I know she hated, having to rely on a 'driver' & 'being a burden'. I'd love to get her some independence back.

    Thanks for any info or tips you have,

    Kerenza 😃

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    Hi Kerenza;

    Firstly, if you can get a free power wheelchair ordered, then get it sorted if you can get it into the house. I found that a Gogo plus by Pride was a very good small scooter that managed to get my near 14 stone body up hills in Buxton and many other places. To start with i kept it in my boot but later on bought a WAV rear ramp van to make it possible to use by myself.

    Scooters are normally quicker go further and easier to keep in straight lines especially in narrow paths. Wheelchairs are better in shops and homes and also when you start to need more support or have poor hand and/or arm control.

    You do need a WAV to transport power wheelchairs but not for medium and small scooters.

    Love Terry
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    Kerenza We covered this whole subject recently and it was widely agreed that going for a WAV was the best step irrespective of what scooter or electric chair you have. Dude xx

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