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Thread: Continuing Health Care (CHC): anyone have any feedack?

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    My father is confined to a wheelchair,hoisted in and out and has to be fed,at the moment,as he was able to stand for a few seconds in a standing hoist got marked as C, maintains a positive attitude C,
    Not sure how bad you have to be to get Continuing Funding but have heard 3% of people need CF of those only 3% get it.
    As things go it looks like he will only get it after repeated assessments.
    But got to keep trying

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    I don't think CHC is about how bad someone is per se. It is funded by the NHS so should include some care, presumably the majority, that can only be provided by a registered nurse. Hoisting, feeding, etc can be carried out by a competent person but they don't have to be registered nurses. Social Services provide this type of care out of their budget and are allowed to means test whereas the NHS cannot. I think the only luck mum had was that after months in hospital they were so keen to free up a bed CHC was rushed through and granted. I wouldn't say she was very different to some of the examples I've read on this forum who have been refused CHC.

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    Hi Pebbles CHC is a minefield. Have you got a social worker, if not get one. Mine is like a defence lawyer. Have a heart to heart talk. Who lives with Dad ?. Dude

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    Hi my husband has been approved for chc and we have a pa starting tomorrow. We found the process to be quick and they offered us full time care including nights and weekends. We have refused this as i do most of the care and it's only because I still work. We want to protect weekends and nights as long as possible due to having young children. The funding we had before came from social care but we had to pay quite a lot towards this which was difficult now that we are down to one wage. We found that the chc team who did the assesment to be very supportive and just wanted to support my husband myself and our children. They even allowed us enough money to be able to have extra hours to be used to suit us so I will be able to on the odd occasion take the girls out and know that my husband is cared for. So having chc funding ,has so far been a really positive experience.

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