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Thread: Carer wanted apply within

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    Night walker

    Carer wanted apply within

    Just wondering how to employ a carer and roughly how much this will cost. Hubby has now stopped going into work, it's too hard for him and I need someone to help out.
    I've a few questions to ask you.

    What help do you have, how did you get that in place?
    Do carers have training credentials and criminal checks?
    What criteria did you use to pick your carer and is it the same person coming each time?
    How long did it take you to set your carers in place?
    Any advice at all will be wonderful from you thanks.

    I need someone to come in on the days I need to go into work, probably 2/3 times a week to warm up hubby a meal I prepared and bathe him. Bathing him takes me about an hour as it involves undressing, bathing, drying and dressing. He is unable to stand for more than a couple of seconds so it's physically demanding too. It will probably be approx 2 hours of attendance time. I will fail £means testing because I work full time. Our small savings is earmarked for the wet room we desperately now need.
    An awful twist to our lives, like we needed it, is his parents are now sick. His dad has just been diagnosed with inoperable oesophageal cancer thats also in his liver and his mum has signs of early dementia. Hubby is an only child with no other living relatives and all I can do for them is make sure they are getting help they should be and they are waiting for a visit to their local hospice for dad. I physically cannot care for them,they live over 2 hours away but I feel so awful and guilty about that. My poor hubby is devastated. I feel we are in such a mess and need some help.

    Thanks as always.

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    It is often easier to approach a care company. Otherwise you need to faff around with pay, tax etc. Also you have to factor in what you do for holiday leave or what happens if they go off sick.

    Also from a H&S point of view your call would need to be double handed.

    I have done both and a company is much easier.

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    Also wages aren't taken into account for social means testing, my Mrs is a GP and I work and we qualify. They said it's because they don't want to discourage ppl from working.

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    Hello Sylvia,

    I have just appointed a care agency. Peter advised against one person for the reasons steve has stated. I placed an advertisement in streetlife which does an online community "forum" and headed it up "personal care". Just said I had MND and needed some help to give Peter a break.

    I just asked for personal recommendations!

    Luckily, the advertisement was seen by the owner of a bespoke agency and, within two weeks, we were set up with morning personal care. Their staff are just lovely and I am so pleased!

    So see if you can do that, if you have streetlife in your area. They are a national online company

    I am so pleased you have decided to get help. (For what it is worth, we are paying 13 pounds an hour!)

    Much love
    Joycie xx
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    I think £13-14 p/h is about normal. I use Leonard Cheshire and echo Joycie's view.

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    Have you thought about approaching MNDA to fund towards the wet room and bio bidet?

    Our OT applied for us and lincolnshire committee approved them. We received 1000 pounds towards wet room and they paid for the bio bidet. We were so appreciative.

    It perhaps is worth getting the ball rolling, (If you haven't done already)

    Much love

    Joycie xx

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    Hi Sylv,
    Totally agree with Steve; use a Care Agency, you don’t need the hassle of being an employer!
    I find it’s best to have 2 or 3 carers. Each will get to know hubby’s routines, likes & dislikes so holidays, sick days etc. are not difficult learning days with a carer who doesn’t know him. It doesn’t take long to organise care but the agency may well want to assess hubby for manual handling to determine care needs. It could be that 2 carers are needed for the first hour.
    Really hope you get funding.

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    Hi Sylv,
    We hired through an agency. Started with 3 different people who shared the workload. Initially was just someone came mornings to shower and dress Irene. I usually gave her breakfast before I went to work. Mid mornings someone came and gave her a coffee. I came home lunchtime. Office 5 minutes walk away and own boss so very flexible on hours. Coffee again pm and then me home again for evenings and through the night. Costs were £9 per hour to carer and £4.25 to agency. Hours increased as Irene's ill health progressed. Initially we funded all but eventually continuing health care kicked in. Initially we were told we were likely to be refused but no formal letter was sent refusing. Then Irene had a peg fitted and their attitude changed completely and CHC was awarded. Not sure what changed but didn't argue.
    We moved and funded all the alterations ourselves. Everything in connection with Irene's disabilities was zero rated. The mnda provided a closomat toilet, which was similar to bio bidet but I believe is no longer funded. This was removed immediately following Irene's death.


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    Alan Livett
    Hi Nightwalker. I went through Social Services in the first instance. They undertook a 6 week assessment which was free. After that they organised a private care company for me. I currently have two carers for three one hour visits per week.. My local council currently only charges me for one carer even though I need two! This might change as government cuts hit. Worth trying. Regards Alan

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    Night walker
    Hello all,
    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and advise. Not knowing how to start is my biggest problem and your help means a lot to me. You guys are the first place I come to and I am so grateful.
    We have had 2 builders come so far, one not quoted yet and the other sent a planner round but he has said what the builder wanted to do is not possible so we are back to what are the options. I have another builder coming Friday. All these builders are on the council list who install wet rooms into council houses so I am hopeful one will come up with a doable option we can afford.
    I am waiting to hear back from the OT about getting help with bio loo that does the clean and dry.
    I will start talking to care companies now.
    Thanks again you are all so lovely.
    Sylv x

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