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    Night walker
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    Hi Nightwalker. I went through Social Services in the first instance. They undertook a 6 week assessment which was free. After that they organised a private care company for me. I currently have two carers for three one hour visits per week.. My local council currently only charges me for one carer even though I need two! This might change as government cuts hit. Worth trying. Regards Alan
    Hi Alan,
    Which council do you come under? I am under Cambridgeshire.
    Thanks sylv

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    Alan Livett
    Hi Sylv. My council is Bradford in West Yorkshire. I'm aware that different councils have different rules but it must be worth trying. Either way the 6 week assessment should be free and it means you will be allocated a social worker who can give you advice. Hope this helps. Regards Alan.

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    Hi Sylv,

    There are advantages and disadvantages with the various ways of employing carers.

    The advantage of employing direct is that your husband has the opportunity to choose his carer. This is a massive issue for me as I have had many unsuitable carers. You may apply for Direct Payments to fund the Personal Assistant.



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