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Thread: My lovely dad

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    Anything you can tempt him with. If his ok eating an drinking that he can probably eat most things.

    Good luck Tabby
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    I wouldn't worry about healthy eating. Offer him anything he fancies and can manage. Mum had an NG feeding tube after months of refusing and it did make life easier for everyone.

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    Hi tabby my dad was diagnosed with mnd 2 weeks ago even though hes had symptoms 18 months, they went down a different path because 23years ago he had a brain tumor so they thought that had come back but then they discovered that he had a compressed spinal cord so operated on that but his walking never improved then the surgeon wanted him testin for mnd which it was at the moment hes so poorly in hospital with painful cramps that they cant get under control hope your dads well today and if you ever need to chat im my dads main carer too so I know what its like xx

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    Hi Jelly bean. How's your dad doing? Xx

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