Remote Controlled Mains Sockets

Allows you to switch on and off, three pin plugged, mains powered appliances.

Uses include
Table Lights,
Radio and cassette players, (but not modem TVís or CD players),
Heaters (See Safety Warning)


One controller will operate three or four different plugs. They operate using radio waves. There are many different manufactures and expect to pay from about £17 upwards for three. Can have a range of 30 meters but normally a lot less if through walls etc.
I have the controller switch on a pendant so I can hang it above my bed on the monkey bar and on other things if needed.

Safety Warning

If used on heaters it is strongly recommended that the heater is a permanently fix one or a solid radiator type that can be covered and will not cause a fire. This is because it might be switched on accidently when it is in a position that could cause a fire.
The radio waves might interferer with other apparatus and could operate other remote plugs next door. Generally, the system can be set onto different frequencies, this means that you can run three sets of four plugs with three remotes.
I have never had any problems with them operating and use them in the hospice as well.

At the moment, in Maplin, they cost £14.99 for three and the controller.

Love Terry