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Thread: Need the Loo!!

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    Need the Loo!!

    Hi All
    A friend sent me this link, which I thought would be useful to some of our MND families.

    Anything that can make living with this horrible condition more bearable is of use. plus its free.
    Take care
    Chebs xx
    ps; I've sent off for my card,waiting on its arrival!!!

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    Thankyou, that's really useful! Lisa x

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    Read the reviews carefully. Most say that the card gives them added confidence when out but the card does not 'entitle' you to use staff facilities and several reviews speak of being refused; others found shops more helpful - once they knew about the scheme, which most people don't. Another talks of (happily) being allowed to use the staff toilet because the shop was busy and the able-bodied were using the disabled cubicle(s) to save themselves time.

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