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Thread: Jan Q. help!

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    Hi Terry, I think you are right the voice is the one on my tablet,but I could adjust the speed which was good. Yes I have predictive text, I like it, have used it on phone for ages so am used to it. Thanks for advice on nebulizer have just been given one in last couple weeks, have been using it once a day in morning and then cough machine afterwards, but feel I would like to use it before bedtime as its in the night that I wake up with this lump in throat, is it ok to use as and when ? I wasn't given too much info as the nurse is coming to see me tomorrow to check on how I am doing with all the machinery!!! X love Jan Q.

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    I can't see any problems using it then but maybe ask GP first.

    I am using a cheaper tablet and I had to download SwiftKey that does a good job.
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