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Thread: Is it the time of year or just me?

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    Is it the time of year or just me?

    I had als diagnosed at the end of April 2015.I am now permanently in a wheelchair,my voice is slurred and husky and my swallow is weakened.
    I find tears streaming down my face at the moment though,when I see Christmas adverts etc on the tv.I am usually more enthusiastic about it ,but apart from wanting a decorated tree in my lounge ,I cannot get excited about what may be my last Christmas.I don't want my family to think of me as a misery,my hubby is golden and deserves better of me.He has already been and bought a tree which my family will decorate soon.Am I being selfish,frightened or what?

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    Your emotions are perfectly normal for someone with MND and don't suppress your feelings. You may have many more Christmases to come but they will be different. Share your family's joys when they decorate the tree and have a wonderful time.

    Iím going to do this even if it kills me!

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    Thanks for your reply Barry,and I am grateful I am not acting strangely for someone in our position! My husband is my full time carer and I worry about him ,but he says he only can't cope when I cry,which I try not to do but it is so hard when you are dealing with something that has crept up and taken over my life. I have to rely on others to do things for me and hate it.I am looking forward to this Christmas (and more) with my family , especially after your kind and sensible words.

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    This is always a difficult time of year for so many people Missmuffet. Emotions run higher, the painful losses in life feel even greater, and the New Year ahead looks uncertain.

    Be kind to yourself, and give yourself the best present of all…be fully present in every moment, you are here, enjoy it all with your family. Why not ? None of us on this planet here today are promised next Christmas…regardless of mnd or not.

    Most importantly, there can be plenty of Christmases ahead for you…so live, love, and laugh as they say

    CC xox

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    Hi Mismuffet,

    You have gone through so much in 8 months, don't be hard on yourself. Explain that you need a cry from time to time and ask for a hug.

    You are right, Christmas can be a very hard time. I have howled a few times on or near that day.

    There is a tear in my eye's too

    Hugs, Terry
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    Hi Missmuffet,
    Everyone on this forum has gone through the emotional turmoil you are going through so don't beat yourself up about being a misery. It is perfectly natural to feel every kind of emotion, especially at this time of year. Everyone deals with this time of year in their own way but as CC says, be kind to yourself and enjoy it as best you can. I was told that last Christmas was likely to be my last but I'm still here so what do they know!
    I wish you a VERY happy Christmas and many more to come.

    Bless you


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    I was diagnosed March 2014

    I didnt treat last Christmas much different but this build up is different. I can't open parcels, nor envelopes, my handwriting is a mess. I am having to rely on Peter to do everything!

    Yiu don't realise how busy it is till you type up the lists of everything that has to de done

    Last Christmas dinner was the last one I ever cooked!

    Just got to go with the flow and enjoy it as much as you can!

    I hope you are ok

    Much love

    Joycie. Xx

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    Hi Missmuffett
    Glad you bought this subject up as I feel the same, I don't want to put up all my lovely Xmas decoration either, but will have a tree.
    I was diagnosed in June this year and I keep thinking it will be my last Xmas as I have had symptoms for 2 years.
    But I will be with the whole family, so I must stay strong for them.
    Last weekend, I had extra family visit, so there was a huge family get together, I just started crying and couldn't stop. I hate people to see me like that but I just couldn't help it. Everybody is chatting and reminiscing and I only have my iPad to communicate, by the time I have typed what I want to say, the topic has changed.
    But I have decided to organise Some really funny games, so I can get involved. ( I have always been a practical joker and have some hilarious things up my sleeve).
    It's reassuring to know other people feel like me, as I could easily shy away from Xmas and crowds ( it's not being selfish by the way) but I'm not letting this horrid disease ruin my Xmas!!!
    Mags xxx

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    Well,I am totally gobsmacked at all the wise words and ideas from all you kind people who don't know me and have your own turmoil going on! I promise that I will try my utmost to not let you all down and will embrace the season!
    This will be the first Christmas I haven't actually cooked the lunch(cheers to that),but I have been roped in to peel the veg and prepare things on Christmas Eve as I can still peel potatoes and sprouts etc! ( pity I have to have a sloppy lunch due to swallow problem!)
    Anyways,a Happy Christmas to all of you and your families.Thankyou!! ��

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    I think almost all of us will feel tearful around Christmas. It isn't an easy time of year if you have a large question mark hanging over what the year ahead might bring.

    I know this is far far easier to say than do but I think we probably all need to try and enjoy what we can and take pleasure where we can. I was only diagnosed on the 25th of November so Christmas Day will be one month after (and my daughter's 21st birthday) but I really intend to try and enjoy all I can. I do hope you can too.

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