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Thread: Different idea for a wet room

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    Different idea for a wet room

    Sylvia, had an alternative idea about a down stairs wet room. It would mainly only suit those of us that have quite a bit of room downstairs and would probably save devaluing your home by fitting out a permanent wet room.

    The pictures are at the bottom of the post.

    Sylvia wrote:-

    “The shower enclosure is by Impey and it's called the Snowden. I got the largest mendip shower tray, so the largest enclosure too, it comes with a grab rail but I also added on the ramp, a light and a fan. The total cost was approx 1600. I added a whale pump and flow control switches so when the water runs the pump is activated, got this off eBay for 160, can retail for 600. I got a bio bidet off eBay for 360 it would retail for 750. I got off cut of Lino for 65 but would have been more.

    Lastly a loo for 99 from b&q. With plumbing costs it all came to about 2600.00. Fortunately my brother is handy with DIY and the plumber is a friend. Several quotes to convert my small downstairs loo were sky high and radically changed the footprint of the house. It's 4 bedroomed and to not have a dining room but have a wet room instead would have devalued it. So solution was to install a temporary solution. “

    The toilet can be seen in the bottom right corner.

    Sylvia also wrote:-
    “It also has a night and a fan that goes outside plus a whale pump that was very good.
    This is what it looks like when not in use and now as it will remain.
    It took 2 days to deliver and 1 day to install just by my brother who is good at DIY and a mate who is a qualified plumber.
    It's easier than a bath lift that's for sure.
    The instructions you can see were for the bio bidet loo seat that I also got.”

    My notes:-
    It might not be perfect, as I can see possible problems. The space and access around the chair in the shower enclosure is limited. The ramp might make it very hard for some people to push a chair up but maybe the floor could be raised around the enclosure to lessen this. Lastly, the room itself might need some extraction as the water vapour would build up.

    Thanks you so much for this alternative idea.

    PM me if you are interested in buying it.
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