Hello all,

It's been a while so i just wanted to provide a quick update about my project. It's been a busy patch over the past few months with lots of visits to MND Association branches to talk about my project. There was also an opportunity earlier on in the year to talk on BBC radio, and, a feature on BBC news! Since then, I have interviewed a number of people who have created lots of different types of video-legacy. I'm now looking to carry out more interviews and would love to hear from anyone else that would be willing to talk about their experiences.

I am still wanting to hear from:
*anyone who is in the process/has finished creating a video legacy for a child or young person in their family. This might be anything from reading a story, recording memories or discussing the history of a special item. The interviews tend to last around 30mins and focussed upon the experiences of creating the legacy and so I would not ask to see the videos- they will remain private to you.

*bereaved young people between the ages of 11-24 who use videos for support. This might be something like home-videos, or, perhaps videos that were purposefully recorded. Again, I'm interested in the experiences of using the legacy and so I would not ask to see them- they would remain private.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions or would like to find out more, or, share with anyone that you think may be interested.

A big thanks for all your continued support,