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Thread: Changes in sleep pattern

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    Changes in sleep pattern

    I bet everyone is as snug as bug,tucked up in bed.
    i think I need some tips since moving downstairs,I'm going to sleep later and I'm all over the place with sleeping in the day time.I suffer quite badly with fatigue any way,if I go out one day and I know the next day is a duvet day.My energy levels are nil by the time I've managed to get washed and dressed,I'm ready for bed.I do try and spread tasks out and rest in between,but it doesn't make much difference.

    Also when was it pillows,quilts,towels start to way so heavy, I think before mnd I was a weight lifter and just didn't know it.

    Right I've had my moan and will wait for you wonderful wise people to wave your magic wands.



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    No magic cure for insomnia other than drugs and we have enough of them but check to see if your bed is in the same position as when you slept upstairs. You can get a frame to lift the duvet off your body.

    Best wishes,
    Iím going to do this even if it kills me!

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    Hi Dippy
    I also find it a struggle to pull the quilt and lift pillows too. Even turning over in bed is difficult.
    I was always a bad sleeper for the past ten years but since diagnosis, I sleep well, maybe it's the antidepressants?
    If you have trouble sleeping, you can buy some phenagan, it's a anti hystemine pill but it's also for insomnia.
    My sister does shift work and is all over the place with sleep, but every week or so, she takes one and works a treat. (My GP, suggested them years back) they sell them in most pharmacies .
    Mags x

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