I don’t think you’re misunderstanding what he is all about at all Graham, but I think a lot of other people are. He is what he is, and showing it to the world. He is playing into people’s fears instead of hope, and many are buying into his rhetoric…

Trump is extremely wealthy, and lives a lifestyle most can only dream about. If what’s left of the middle class in this country really believe he understands their plight, and will make changes that will benefit them I believe they are sadly mistaken. I think if he gets the White House he will ensure the rich get richer, the poor stay poor…and will lead us into wars with his big obnoxious mouth, and bad attitude. He might even cause a civil war right at home with his endless prejudices.

I don’t see anything more to him then that….I cannot find leadership qualities, I hope the majority of this country can’t either come November. To me he is already a shameful embarrassment to this country that he has gotten this far.

Bernie or Hilary have to come through big time…or I’m really getting my Villa in Tuscany