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Thread: Already got breathing issues and have head cold

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    Already got breathing issues and have head cold

    Hello all

    I have only been using the bipap for the last few days on a regular basis
    I have developed a cold over the past week and I cant breathe readily through my nose

    Has anyone else had this and what is the answer?

    It is the same whether I dose off with mask on or off - i wake up simply gasping for air!
    Doctor prescribed a nasal spray and.vick

    Thanks al

    Joycie X

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    Hi Joycie;

    Sorry to hear that you have a man cold. I'm not much help as I don't have much experience. I too was given some nasal spray that should clear and shrink the blood vessels in the nose.

    Also I think Dude used to do nasal flushes but I don't think I'm man enough to do that.

    Is it possible to breath through your month by keeping it open some how? I guess this would get too messy.

    I just hope that it goes very quickly.

    Hugs Terry
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    The bipap takes some getting used to under normal conditions so I'd forego it until cold goes Joycie. My resp guy said you have to make friends with bipap, not easy for some inc me. Maybe try using in the day and don't nod off. Is it a ful mask or just over nose . Dude x
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    Hi Joycie,

    I haven’t used this forum since Christmas, so I was sorry to hear you’re still under the weather

    A few questions, if I may!
    What mask have you? A full face mask is better than nasal pillows if you’ve a head cold.
    Do you use a humidifier? It may need to be turned up.
    The decongestant may over-dry your secretions – watch out for that. If it does, ask GP about a low dose steroid spray. Try not to have the house too warm and take extra water. Avoid too much dairy for a few days.

    Try Olbas Oil as well; a few drops in hot water and inhale or a few drops in an essential oil diffuser. Could you tolerate a saltwater nasal wash?

    If you are waking up breathless during the night, your BiPAP settings may need to be adjusted but, at the very least, your overnight Sats should be checked at home. Your clinic should not need to ask you to do a full PFT, if you have an upcoming appointment, fine, if not, you shouldn’t have to make a special journey.

    Take care Joycie,
    Love Ellie.
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    A head cold is my worst nightmare - I struggle to blow my nose. I hope you get over it soon Joycie. BC

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    Hi Joycie,

    I am sorry that things are getting tougher. The paid professionals should be assisting you but as always the real advice comes from our forum friends.

    Sleeping on your side is better than on the back. The rib muscles the don't have to work as hard raising the chest. Mucus can be a real problem. Sudafed offer mucus and blocked nose relief.

    Love Graham

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