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Thread: Painful Journey of Motor Neurone Disease

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    Painful Journey of Motor Neurone Disease (for all sufferers)

    Painful Journey of Motor Neurone Disease

    I have great difficulty with my breathing
    And there is no chance of now relieving
    I値l end up wheel chair bound lifeless and still
    My brain will still function and grant me will

    As my eyes and hearing will function too
    But I cannot do a single thing I wish to do
    I will end up needing daily care yes indeed
    And will sadly need a stomach tube to feed

    My nerves are all closing down one by one
    Like the world when no sun is ever shone
    I値l look barren also lost and maybe gazed
    Many onlookers will assume I am dazed

    I will no longer have capability to stand
    Nor even reach out for someone痴 hand
    Nor will I be able to even simply speak
    I値l appear severely disabled and weak

    I may be yet able to talk with a machine
    And I know that in my head I値l still dream
    Dream of days long gone by in my life
    When I was physically able without strife

    Lack of mobility could come on its said
    Gradually or in a simple second as read
    No more poems or thoughts then from me
    Just the very real words that you now see

    I do not give a damn for myself, not at all
    But those younger folk with children quite small
    Will someone please help one day cure or ease
    The life threatening Motor Neurone Disease

    Pen name Christopher Robin
    Copyright Registration TXu 1-598-108
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    what an amazing poem, i can relate to every word that you have written your inspirational.

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