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Thread: My dad

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    Dave K
    It is a pity that the Ensure compact (300Kcal 125ml) only has 3 flavours though unlike the larger Ensure plus that has about 6 flavours (I think it was)

    Dave X

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    You don't need a variety really Dave. You just need the nutrition to keep the body able to meet the challenges. Dude

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    Mags If you can drink smoothies then why not have Ensure instead, more goodness and FOC. Dude x

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    Dave K
    Well, I suppose it does not matter what flavour it is if it is going through a PEG, I sort of would hate it myself only having Strawberry, Banana & Vanilla as a choice, Julie hates the Vanilla so that only leaves 2 to choose from, day in and day out..

    Dave x

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    You could ask your dietitian about other makes and perhaps the larger less concentrated ones. As they would give you more choice and a little more hydration.

    Love Terry
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    Dave K
    We did try the 'OneShot Procal Pro (I think it was called) where there are more flavours and an extra 100 Kcal, tried them on Julie and they made her sick, even when sipping them so had to turn those down.

    There really isn't a lot for someone who has a tiny stomach, too much, feels sick, too little not enough Kcal.

    It may be different when the PEG is fitted but, and I am only guessing here as I do not know, I would imagine using the procal one shot drinks will make Julie sick even if used with a PEG... Yes / No?

    Dave X

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    Dave You are coming from a carers standpoint of eating normal food to Ensure. Strawberry is best so 100%. Banana is gross. Dude

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    Hi Dave when Julie has the PEG fitted it maybe uncomfortable in the first few days so have painkillers at the ready and I also used windeze as I was very windy. However that aside you will get instruction on how to use thee peg, but one thing I found is that if I zapped the drink through fast then I felt sick, but if I slowly put it through then all was well and do flush through afterwards with fresh water. Always remember to open the flap once you close the bottom cap as this extends the life of the tube. I use fresubin high calorie drinks they have 400 cal each. Hope this helps, if you have been told already I apologiusr. Love Ann

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    Dave K
    Hi Ann, nope not been told this and if I were then I don't mind, the more the merrier. I am sure the NHS team will fully instruct me on using the PEG, well I hope so anyway

    Hi Dude. I suppose you are right, it's just that I would not like to eat the same food day in and day out, Julie, however has no memory anyway so it is my problem and not Julie's. I just feel so damned guilty to be honest but I suppose this is normal, well, again, I hope so

    Dave X

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    Hi Dude
    At the moment I'm still eating pureed food. I'm gaining weight at the moment (all the ice cream), so don't need extra calories but I guess I need the nutrition. Does the ensures taste nice as I've become sensitive to certain tastes and textures. When I had the peg, I was sent dozens of bottles of fortisips but not taken any, are they the same thing as ensure? The hospital told me to take one a day via the peg but haven't. I do struggle what to puree at times, so maybe I could replace my lunch with one?

    I make fresh pineapple and pineapple juice as long as pineapple is sweet. I also blend mango, half of apple with Apple juice.
    The innocence ones arebvery nice, you can get them in any supermarket, I always have one when I visit costa coffee.
    Also, what I have everynight is all milk weak coffee topped up with a little Bailys. Yummy!
    I can't drink tea or water but all milk coffee is fine?
    Mags x

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