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Thread: Bad fall

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    Bad fall

    Hi all,
    I had a very nasty fall on Sunday. I was opening the door to our car, just returning from a lovely cruise, I lost my balance and fell right back, crashing my head on the pavement. I thought I was going to die there and then, I cannot describe the pain and experience. I suffered a fracture, a small bleed and swelling. The jolt even caused me a black eye.
    They kept an eye on me in hospital for a while. I am still suffering with headaches and vertigo.
    It's a worry really as every fall I have had, my head or face ends up taking the brunt of the fall. This is because my arms can't save me, my core is weak so I don't even end up on my bottom, I go rolling back. I can't be any more careful. It's knocked my confidence big time. I hope I feel better soon as my balance isn't good since the fall. I'm hoping it's just the vertigo and will go.
    That's why I have been a little quiet.
    Mas xx

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    My goodness Mags .. I am so sorry to hear of your nasty fall ..and just on the return from your cruise must have been a terrible shock .. I do hope you are feeling better ..
    Sending you a big hug and some wee kisses from Northern Ireland xxx. Dvd

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    Oh No, sending healing wishes, give yourself time and be careful. I don't do things like steps or getting in and out of cars without help now it's not worth the risk.
    Wendy X

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    I think like you now Wendy, I don't trust myself anymore without help.
    Thank you for your kind wishes, and you too DVD
    Mags xxx

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    Oh Mags, i'm so sorry that you do have my sympathy. I have had loads of crashing falls and as with you I cannot save myself I just crumble to the floor. I joke that I have christened every room, the yard and all the animals' sheds outside. We were going to do a CSI sort of thing tracing round me on the floor but it would have been too complicated. I can go any way without warning but always seem to smack my face and my knees. Last fall was in the kitchen and my face hit the floor first fracturing my cheekbone and splitting my knee. It's horrible and knocks my confidence for days. I'm thinking about taking up drinking as drunks seem to fall better! I have a an inflatable device called a Camel at home which helps folk get me off the floor.

    I hope you feel a lot better soon and take good care of yourself

    Love Kc xx

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    So sorry to hear that Mas that’s a scary, and awful fall you took. Maybe your doctor can prescribe something to help with the headaches, and vertigo. Head injuries are a serious matter I wish you a fast, and full recovery. All the best to you.


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    OMG I just looked up the camel lift!!! Nifty looking device but horrendously expensive. Ah well one for my wish list. I am wondering if a single double Height inflatable bed would at least get me half way up?
    Wendy x

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    Thank you CC and KC
    May as well be drunk, can't save ourselves anyway. Lol

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    Oh Mags, I feel for you as we all know our hands are useless at saving us when we fall. I hope you recover soon and this didn't spoil the memories of your holiday.

    Love and best wishes
    Iím going to do this even if it kills me!

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    Thank you Barry
    It was a lovely cruise and I'm sure once my symptoms subside, I will think about what a good time I had.
    Mel is thinking about another cruise around Norway in June but I'm not sure yet, as I said, it's knocked my confidence for six.
    But as our dear Joycie said....onwards and upwards!
    Mags xx

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