I bought a second hand electric wheelchair for 200. It was described as good and fully working. I arranged a firm to deliver it to me at a cost of 85 including a 5 discount. It was over 200 miles away.

When it arrived it was a mess, the main lifting motor was broken, parts missing, wires hanging loose underneath, the charger is rusty and has bear wires and it is dirty with deep stains.

I believed that I was covered for miss described items by Ebay and that I would get my money back minus the 85 for transport.

However, this does not seem to be the case as Ebay says that as I, "Picked it up", I should have looked at it and sorted it out then.

I have tried to explain the situation with email to Ebay but they do not answer them fully and just reply, "as you Picked it up", you should have seen it then"

I'm a bit stuck as they have a phone number but I can't talk and getting any legal advice is very hard as I'm wheelchair bound and can't talk.

Any advice?

Love Terry