Hi Andy,

If you want to know how your breathing is doing, the “alphabet soup” (nice one ) of data is how you track it.

As our diaphragm and intercostal muscles weaken, it affects how much we can breathe in and out, as well as how much we can fill our lungs - and those FVC, MIP & MEP tests show how we’re doing in this regard. If you want to know your figures after the January tests, you can ask for the results or even take a photo/scan of the results page.

The data is also an early warning for NIV / BiPAP use, for those wishing to use it.

Although MND doesn’t directly affect our lung health, a side effect of not being able to cough effectively, take deep breaths and have a poor swallow which may cause aspiration episodes is that we can’t always clear (bacteria laden) mucus and often get (recurrent) chest infections or pneumonia. This is where Cough Assist machines can be beneficial in helping lung health, as well as providing physical relief and comfort to the user.

Love Ellie.