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Hi Miss M,

Try short periods of daytime use as Terry said, to get used to the feeling. Using BiPAP will make your life more comfortable.

Given you've tried nasal pillows, which have the least facial coverage, and still aren't comfortable wearing any, I wonder about taking a small dose of an anti-anxiety med before bed for a few nights? It's "mind over matter", which I know is easy for me to say Ask your nurse.

I wear a Total Face Mask at night, which is very comfy but I'm not claustrophobic.

Ellie x.
Thanks for advice and my district nurse is sorting out something to help me relax a bit more and hopefully use the nippy machine to improve my breathing.
The longest I have worn my mask is 1 hour and 20 minutes but that was a while back.My main concern is that my arms and hands are now weakened and I won't in time be able to remove the mask when I want to.