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Thread: Home adaptations

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    Home adaptations

    Hi there

    We have recently had an Occupational Therapist around to our property to assist with our future needs. In all honesty we may as well picked up an old drunk and asked him for help. We are under no illusions that budgets are tight and we probably would not receive any financial assistance (Confirmed by our DG assessment stating we could contribute 175,000.00 to any adjustments!!). But what we thought we would get is some practical, technical help with what we would need, how best to position it and any consequential alterations to the property as a result of their findings. So we ask does the association have any contacts with designers etc who can help with our situation, we only ant to carry out adaptations once.

    Many thanks in advance


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    Hi Christoff,
    I am so sorry to hear about your experience with regards to your occupational therapist, in relation to your home adaptation.
    You do indeed make a very valid point with regards to getting help and guidance from your occupational therapist. Even if you are not entitled to financial help from your local authority, this does not mean that you are not entitled to advice with regards to the technical and practical aspects of adapting your home. I wondered if you had considered asking if you can see another occupational therapist from your local council if you have lost confidence in your current one.
    Although unfortunately the MND Association does not have contacts for designers or contractors that can carry out your adaption, your occupational therapist may be able to give you a list of these. Alternatively, you could consider contacting your local Home Improvement Agency (HIA), to ask for help and guidance with regards to your adaptation. The HIA may help with any work you decide to have carry out on your home, for example, drawing up plans, getting estimates and liaising with others involved in the work, such as council grants officers and occupational therapists. Please click here for further information.
    In addition the MND Association has grants available which could be used as a contribution towards the overall cost of your adaptation - please click here for further information.
    I do hope this information is helpful.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us again should you require further help or support. In addition to contacting us via the forum, we can also be contacted on our Freephone telephone number - 0808 8026262 or alternatively via email -
    Kindest regards
    MND Connect

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    My local Authority OT wasn't great either but the one at the hospice was amazing- just thought. Good luck xx

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    My first O.T was about as much use as a chocolate teapot! However when I requested another one the lady that came was absolutely fantastic and has been wonderful at providing us with advice helping to apply for an mnda grant for our bathroom and providing equipment. I was gutted when she moved to another local authority recently.

    If you ring up again be specific on what you want and explain your previous O.T didn't have the information you needed, the council should be able to provide you with a list of council approved contractors in your local area that do disabled conversion works for them.

    Good luck


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    My OT requested an application for the grant despite my husband saying we would not qualify as he still works. A lady came from the council came and did the means test last week.We had had a letter back confirming that a grant would not be available as our contribution would 126000 .
    The OT did come up trumps with an automatic step walker for my wheelchair.All that is needed is a small extension to the top step to enable safe transfer.The alternative was a power lift costing 7000 and the loss of a large part of the garden.
    She did also say she will get the surveyor to look at the best way to adapt for a wet room.I don't know if we will get any advise as to design and costings but will wait and see
    AM xx

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    Our OT gave us a list of contractors for our shower room to be converted to a wet room. We have had 2 OTs who have both been excellent helping with grants from different places.

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    Hi Christoff;

    I always say to people to get a connection with their hospice as they have another set of specialists.

    In our area they have a couple of homes that you can visit to see wetrooms etc. Also they have a list of contractors.

    Not really what you want or need, Maybe your local Mnda branch can help a bit.

    It would be handy to have someone in the Mnda to come around and look at peoples situations.

    If you have plans and levels I might be able to help but it's very hard to advise without looking at everything.

    How is Mnd affecting you and how does it seen to be progressing.

    Love Terry
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