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Hello MNDA,

Like many of us living with MND and our carers we support Graham in his rights to be treated fairly and with dignity. It would appear from his detailed notes that this has not been the case historically and currently. We are all frightened of what may happen as the disease progresses and should we be taken into to hospital or care we should not have the additional worry of bullying or abuse that Graham alleged he endured. If we call on the charity that represents us for help then that help should be forthcoming.

I have no doubt that following the bank holiday weekend the directors and trustees of MNDA will all be in a huddle thinking of how do we make this go away, just like bad news in politics, but please, I urge you to remember the CHARTER and give us a reply that encourages my fellow forum members. We don't want to hear that the N.I.C.E. guidelines will make a difference.

As we and our family and friends raise a lot of funds for MNDA please restore our confidence that we are actually fighting for something worthwhile.

Whilst many of us have lost the power of speech it appears MNDA are practicing silence speaks.