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Thread: Maintaining comfort and controlling my bed using Eyegaze equipment

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    Alan Livett

    Maintaining comfort and controlling my bed using Eyegaze equipment

    Hello all,

    I've not posted on the forum for some time now, but wanted to share with you my involvement in the development of a new piece of equipment which helps me maintain my independence in bed.

    I have now lost the use of my legs and arms and am unable to turn or move. Previously I required Nurses coming in during the night in order to turn me,thus preventing bedsores and maintaining flexibility in my back.This was disruptive to my family, disturbed my sleeping and was becoming increasingly painful. I needed to find another solution.

    I was introduced to an engineer, by Bradford Pressure Relief team, who has developed an air mattress called The Comfier. This is uniquely different to any other air mattress I had used to date and it has gone on to transform the quality of my sleep not to mention my emotional well being.

    As a consequence of such a positive experience I went on to introduce him to the team which provides my Eyegaze equipment. In the initial trial I was controlling inflation and deflation with a hand held switch, but with the loss of arm and hand mobility I needed it integrating with my eye control.This has been an outstanding success and I am sure there are other MND sufferers who would benefit from this new equipment.

    I have attached a Youtube video, which shows me describing and using the equipment. Please have a look and if you are interested, private message me your details and I will pass them onto the engineer who has developed The Comfier.


    Alan Livett

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    Wow, that looks fantastic and will be a huge benefit to anyone who cannot adjust their position in bed. Well done to the engineers and thank you for successfully trialling it.

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    That sounds Ab Fab
    Do you have idea of the price Alan?


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    Alan Livett
    Hi Mags - you shouldn't need to worry about the price (I don't know how much it costs)

    . As I understand it there are a number of funding options available. My advice would be to give Dane (the engineer who developed it) a call on 07961 914403 - he will be able to chat through the options. Hope this helps. Regards, Alan.

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    That's fantastic Alan, thank you for sharing all your experiences and information. As one who is suffering a pressure sore on my bum I am particularly interested and I can't turn in bed either. I have no voice so have to attract attention with an alarm to have my legs put in bed. I sleep sitting up as I have horrid thick secretions. Your mattress could be the answer for me. Many thanks Ann x

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