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Thread: Nippy and final mnd stage for me.....

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    Nippy and final mnd stage for me.....

    Daft question probably! Do I keep neck brace on all night with nippy cos great help but would like rest from it?
    Palliative care nurse is admitting me in to the hospice Mon / Tuesday as now in final stages of mnd.No bed till least Mon.xx

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    Is your head not on pillows in bed with Nippy on? Neck braces support the head when upright so shouldn't be needed when head is reclined.

    So, no, you don't need the brace on.

    Did the nurse get you the anti-anxiety meds? If she did, I hope they're helping you.
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    Thinking of you Miss Muffett, I hope you gain much comfort from the hospice care xxx

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