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Thread: remembering Steve Burns

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    remembering Steve Burns

    One of our neighbours just brought a mailing from the MNDA which features Steve, who was an active member of the forum until he passed away last July. The story is written by his wife Sarah as a "letter to MND". It is very moving and a wonderful legacy to Steve. I don't know if it is going to be featured on the MNDA website, but I hope it is. A brilliant fundraising effort in memory of someone who was obviously very special.

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    Hi Phillip,, I just read this,, so sad but also nice memories also, it's a shame they couldn't have continued to keep making more memories,, and now Mnd has stolen a husband and dad to their two wee kiddies, so cruel, Sarah should be proud that they raised so much money for mnd and hope as much as me, as I've just lost my father also. That's one day there will be a cure!!! .... katrina x

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