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Thread: Adaptations on a personal vehicle

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    Adaptations on a personal vehicle

    Hi, have anyone had the experience of having adaptations made to their own vehicle. We have been looking at getting a mobility car but are also exploring other options.

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    Hi Jane and welcome to the forum;

    So much depends on your situation, what problems you have, how things are progressing and if you have someone else to drive if needed.

    I have quite a few adaptions on my Kangoo and others have their standard car altered with hoists for scooters etc.

    Best wishes, Terry
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    Hi Jane and welcome to the forum.

    If you or your partner are in receipt of the DLA or PIP then the Motability vehicle is the best option. It allows you to change the vehicle or adapt it as your needs alter. There are many companies that specialise in vehicle adaptations and they will alter private vehicles but remember that MND is progressive and you may spend a lot of money for short term use. If you go down this route then remember to tell your insurance company.

    I have a Motability vehicle and the best point is that the only thing I have to buy is fuel.

    Best wishes,
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