Hi all
I at last got my appointment with the Botox surgeon after waiting four months. It was to see if Botox in my jaw would help me, as I keep yawning and biting down on lip and inside of cheek, and my jaw doesn't release straight away so I get a piece of my cheek inbetween my teeth and It's so sore. Anyway, the surgeon said she couldn't help me as I have no tone in my jaws and would probably make is worse. I was disappointed .

What I was wondering If anyone has any solutions to making brushing your teeth easier, as I can't open my mouth wide. Not only are my teeth hard to brush but I struggle to get the brush out of my mouth. Also when I clean my mouth out after eating with a stick with a sponge , it's impossible to clean the food out and get the sponge out, what with not being able to spit or suck, it's proving very difficult for me.

Mags xx