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Thread: NHS Continuing Care Funding

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    NHS Continuing Care Funding

    Hi all,

    Has anyone got any experience of getting funding direct from NHS Continuing Care & how it's assessed.


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    Hi my dad has care funded through continuing care

    basically there is a cirtea *cannot spell* =]

    You are graded on each area

    If you score high on a few of these you will be elibale for conituing care

    If you are able to get it there is a few things u must understand:

    with continuing care you cannot have direct payements

    all care will be provided by a care agenicy

    you will be reassesed every couple of months

    if you are awarded continuing care you DO NOT need to pay any money at all to care cost.

    Im happy to give you my mobile number if u want a proper chat about it

    or if you wanna ask any questions just as

    I have done continuing care assesments for patients *am a student nurse*

    and i was involed alot with my dads continuing care assesment

    Take care
    Becky x

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    Thanks Becky,

    It's my dad too, mum's the main carer but they're in their eighties & finding it hard going. We're 45 mins away so tend to be called in for occasional support / emergencies & are a bit "arms length" from the official care but now feeling I need to get a bit more involved...

    So basically, all driven through the GP?



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    It is well worth while applying for NHS Continuing Health Care. I got it for my wife after a year, although the process is tortuous, and you have to fight hard. Type "NHS Continuing Healthcare" into a search engine like Google, and you will see lots. The section about Framework describes the process.

    You need an initial assessment by your local social services, who decide if you are entitled to care. If they say you qualify, the next question is "Do you have more than 23000 savings?" If yes, then you have to pay yourself, but they do provide support. If no, then you will get some care paid for by your local authority, up to a maximum. We initially had to pay ourselves, but they said we could apply for NHS Funding.

    Eventually NHS care was granted, at the second attempt, the main problem being that the forms have to be filled in by all your health professionals, e.g. GP, OT, neurologist, Speech therapist, physiotherapist, etc. The quality of the input varies depending on you much they know about you and how busy they are. It all takes time, and nothing is paid untill the process is completed and approved. There is no backdating of payment (which seems most unfair, as the longer the NHS delay, the less they have to pay).

    Now we pay nothing, but obtained the most asssitance from our local hospice, that offers paliative care. These people are the experts, and know all about MND. Try to get a referral to the paliative care unit, it covers chronic illnesses like MND.

    I hope this will encourage you and others to apply. It will be frustrating and may be disappointing, but if you are successful it will save you a lot of money, or conversely provide more care than is generally affordable.

    Also make sure you are getting the benefits you are entitled to, like Attendance Allowance, DLA, Carers allowance (but note you will not get carers allowance if you receive the state pension at the full rate.) The CAB will help here, but there is a lot of info and help on the MND site.

    Good luck, Paul

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    get a social worker if you havnt got one . when my husband had his tracky and ventilator i couldnt bring him home until we were c.h.c.funded the social worker sorted it all . dont try do it on your own .unfortunatly my husband just died 23 april after a hard battle for 16 months . but i know he is outta his pain now

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    From experience get everyone on board, there were 11 people at my husband Steves first meeting as Paul says it does take time getting them all together, however it can be done. Unfortunatley for us we were too late , like Tracey my husband passed away before it was sorted.
    My thoughts are with you Tracey. Ange x

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