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Thread: Has anyone done long haul flights of 11 to 13 hours ?

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    Has anyone done long haul flights of 11 to 13 hours ?

    Hi all,

    Has anyone travelled on long haul flights, my other half is Sri Lankan and we would like to go and visit his family while I am still fit enough to do so but, I can see a few problems. I would just about manage to the toilet with help if I was allocated a seat nearby but also would need help in the toilet as sometimes I struggle with clothing when my hands are weak. The toilets tend to be tiny not sure if 2 adults would fit in them, has anyone had a similar problem if so any suggestions?

    My breathing & lung function were normal at last appointment in January so hopefully that shouldn't cause a problem.

    If I want to take my small power chair with me would I be able to use it up to seat then it could be stored somewhere so I could have use of it when we arrived?

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