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Thread: Legs feel like tree trunks

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    Hi. I gave worn splints on both legs for 2 years now, I couldn't manage without them. I started with elastic ones with lots of velcro straps but now wear ones with plastic that go under my foot and halfway up my calf then fasten with about 4 straps. Persevere with them as they get easier to wear and help so much. I wear them from getting up until about an hour before I go to bed. I wear the same size shoes but wider if possible. The shoe thing is a nightmare but I tend to wear light shoes from sketchers, hotter or rieker. I also have Aching, heavy legs which are usually freezing but can also be hot. (weird)! I try to use my excersise bike as much as possible and also use my walker to keep moving as much as I can. The more I am up and about the better the legs are even though it's hard.

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    Hi cathy. Mine sound similar but just have an adjustable strap around the calf. I will persevere. Took me ages getting it on this morning. My son had to help me as some swearing started to kick in! Think I need to get some more shoes. Any excuse for some retail therapy. Lol x

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