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    I had a really scary choking experience a couple of weeks ago. I've had minor coughing and spluttering episodes before but this was a full blown choke but I'm not sure why. Fortunately my husband did the Heimlich manoeuvre and out came a largelump of food. Maybe I tried to swallow a second mouthful before the previous one had gone down? Who knows? This got me thinking a lot of "what ifs". Fortunately I was sitting in an upright chair at a table, what if I'd been in my recliner, he wouldn't have been able to do the Heimlich. What if he had not been nearby? Etc. as is often the case with this condition, we learn by our mistakes but I'm sharing this in the hope that someone else can avoid the experience.

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    A salutary lesson for all indeed! Just glad you're still with us to tell the tale

    I have to have my food chopped up small for me (for the little I eat orally)

    Ellie x.
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    Thank goodness your husband was on hand.I have had the same problem twice and my husband did the Heimlich on me and managed to shift the offending food.That was a year ago just before I had my PEG.Now I do have food orally as a treat but is always a consistency that I can swallow easily with no gasping to breathe.
    Hopefully that was a one off episode and you will be able to still have food you enjoy

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    Hi Miranda,

    Scary yes. Probably due to swallowing the previous food and clearing your mouth properly or just swallowing something to big. It's hard to chew things well when many of us can't move food around well in our mouths.

    I get things stuck at the top of of my food track, it does cause me distress but I can still breathe OK. I find that lots of things stop there so I have to make an extra effort to clear that before I continue.

    BSB on tonight.

    Love Terry
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