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Thread: Swollen red hot foot

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    Swollen red hot foot

    Hello all
    Mum keeps getting a swollen foot which is very red and hot it goes after a few hours. Today the heat spread up to her knee. No one seems to know what or why this is. Has anyone experienced this?
    Thanks nicky

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    Hi Nicky,

    Swollen feet and lower legs is quite common with Mnd and some of these have hot feet. Not sure what to do to stop it, anything to move the blood around would probably help, like massage.

    It would be good for her to see a linfordemer nurse as they specialise in that sort of thing.

    Love Terry
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    Hi Nicky
    Yes I get this when I sit out in a chair or the wheelchair too long. My circulation has deteriorated lots. Elevation, having range of movement exercises and massage all help a bit.

    Always best to get these things checked out though just in case.


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