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Thread: eyegaze system

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    eyegaze system


    Ne1 know if the eyegaze system works with ipads? If not suggestions welcome for how I wud make this happen, can't seem to find a way to contact apple newhere,


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    I don't see a reference to the Ipad, but it does work with Mac's - being as the system uses infra-red cameras I can't see it being compatible.

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    Ah I wonder if I spoke to Apple if they cud make software to make it work.

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    I doubt it, it's about hardware - the Ipad doesn't have it and I doubt it could be expanded in the near future.

    Are you a fanboi? or to put it another way, is there some functionality of the ipad that you feel would benefit you? maybe there is another way to do what you need. I must admit that I am not taken with the idea of the ipad, but time may prove me wrong.

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    I play drums in my band with 2 ipads on the digi drummer app thru a huge amp already but use my hands atm, they are sadly beginning to fail now tho, atm that is career ending for my drumming, hence the thread here i started hoping for ideas.

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    I'm really sorry, but eye tracking software needs you to rest your gaze for a set period of time [say half a second] on one spot on the screen for that area to be selected - I doubt it would be possible to play the drums live with any of this sort of equipment as maintaining any sort of beat would be next to impossible.

    I found this link that might help you play live by using another method and but they would require a reasonable amount of mobility in your arms and some messing about to get it working as its not commercial stuff.

    Is there any scope for you to pre-record your work? I know it's far from ideal, given what you have been used doing.

    I wish I could think of something better for you.
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    Rog might as well play a cd if you're recommending pre-recording.

    Lec I doubt any alternative mouse would be quick enough for what you require it to do

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    Another thought, maybe something like an 'OptiMusic system' would be useful - I'm sure that there are cheaper alternatives - but the idea would be the same - or how about hacking a midi keyboard to replace some of the keys with light beams that you break to effect a button press, this would still require good arm control though.

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    hmmm i need to keep digging to find a way to click screens without my arms at all

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    I'm not suggesting that you use this [as it's a simple game], but It make me think it could be possible to control a drum kit by eye - instead of 'clicking' by hovering over the area for a set period, the button is clicked whenever the mouse rolls over it. Of course it's only possible to hit one thing at a time, so I'm not sure how useful the idea is at all.

    So given this I'm thinking it might just be possible to arrange something, but you would need phenomenal eye control.

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