I hope this helps.

I have been on a drug RCH4 for over 2 years. After 22 months of steady decline, soon after starting on it, it stopped my MND and I know of others as well. Although I am extremely thankful, it has not cured me. It has been given by a charity for years free of charge, to anyone who asked for it who had diagnosis and their doctors agreement.

There are a lot of reports on the net from users about it. Most say it has a major effect. Information is available at `patients like me` and other MND and ALS forums.

Trolls on the forums have accused the charity of being a scam. Disgraceful and untrue, while nobody says much about GM604 aimspro edaravone etc. who charge thousands per month - some are drugs with little or no proof of efficacy as far as I know.

There is a table comparing drugs that do work at www.als-new-drug.com/riluzole-edaravone-rch4

I fill in a monthly report and send it to the charity who sometimes provide me with my ALS chart.