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Thread: Gabapentin

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    Since being diagnosed I have found my local hospital very slow with referrals and appear inexperienced with MND. My consultant has offered Gabapentin to help with cramps and stiffness in my legs but but I still have not received the prescription. My next consultant appointment is not for four months and I am concerned about controlling side-effects and dosage meanwhile. I have taken no drugs so far. Would physio help relieve the stiffness? I would be grateful for any advice.

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    Hi Annb,

    I find that physio helps with my spasticity. Also swimming and light exercise at the gym brings relief.

    Don't be afraid to contact the hospital and remind them about the prescription.
    Best wishes,
    Iím going to do this even if it kills me!

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    Hi Ann,
    I call myself the queen of spasms and cramp. If i was rich i would definitely employ a masseur. massage, hydrotherapy, stretch, moderate exercises are quite beneficial. But at some stage if those modalities do not help, then i pray you find the right drugs. I take magnesium but it is hard to know how much is too much. The dosage is unclear.
    Tomorrow i am getting a new specialist opinion, to discuss muscle relaxant, and i ill broach the Propofol topic. It is the best holiday i had from MND, but i might have to break another leg to get my next dose
    Anyway it all trial and error, until you find something or the things that help.
    Best wishes Marie

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    Hi Ann,

    The spasticity in your legs is increased muscle tone, which is a symptom of upper motor neuron (UMN) damage. Interventions such as physio, movement, heat and massage help with local relief, but don't decrease your overall muscle tone for any length of time.

    If your muscle tone is high and you're struggling with mobility, then antispasmodic meds, such as Baclofen, really help. Quinine Sulfate is good for cramps. Gabapentin might not be the best option, but worth trying. Your GP can prescribe meds for you if your local hospital is slow.

    Can you attend an MND Clinic? I know it'll be further away, but at least they know what they're at...

    Did your referral for physio at the hospice come through or are you thinking of attending a private physio? If private, make sure it's a person with neurological experience.

    Love Ellie.
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