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Thread: riser recliner chairs

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    riser recliner chairs

    We have set up a seat on the settee for Tony to raise it up so he can get off the settee more easily. It comprises of a booster cushion, 2 large cushions and 3 pillows. He looks like he is sitting on a throne and it doesn't look really stable so I was wondering if anyone can give me some info on riser recliner chairs. How much, any funding available, the best ones etc.


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    Hi Devon,

    Try Tony's OT as a first port of call. If he's not "standard" size, he may need a bespoke chair, otherwise the standard one supplied is usually fine.

    It's best to get one with a dual motor function - a rise function separate to the recline function - so he can raise his legs without needing to also recline.

    If you do have to buy one, try getting a grant towards it from the MNDA. I'm sure someone has recommendations for you, I didn't buy my chair so didn't have to go through a choosing process!

    Hopefully a riser-recliner will be supplied to Tony soon - can't have him sat atop a load of cushions Is he supported at his sides too? I wonder if smallish beanbags would give him more support?

    Love Ellie.
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    Thanks Ellie - OT coming on Tuesday so I will ask


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    Hi DM;

    As Ellie says ask Tony's OT. I think that the Mnda still loans them for as long as needed but best see if social services will provide one, they did for me but I was very lucky.

    Do get a twin motor one and make sure it fits.

    Love Terry
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