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Thread: Parents, who would have them but a good laugh

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    Parents, who would have them but a good laugh

    My dad drove 30 miles today by himself to see us, first time he has done that in three years. He is 90 but still can run a bit and is quite with it.

    My wife had arranged for us to go out for lunch with my son and then go shopping but as time was going on i said about me staying here with dad and her leaving us.

    We showed dad how to get out of the front door and where to put the key as he was going to leave me alone after an hour.

    It was so nice to have time to talk to him one to one as it's hard because of his hearing if anyone else is around.

    When it was time to leave he picked up the eggs that our chickens laid and I heard the key land in the metal outside letter box as arranged.

    Anyway, five minutes later he was trying to look through the patio window and I think saying and miming that he can't find his car key.

    I didn't want to bother my wife, so I wondered if I could get a key out to him firstly through a window. I built the house with triple glazing and double steel reinforced doors with special locks so to hear someone or for me to open one is near impossible but I had to try to do what I could.

    So i got up from rise and recline chair and shuffled with my walker to my standing wheelchair. Once it was down I found his car keys in the kitchen. I then wondered if I could turn the key as it is very hard but by putting another key in the slot at the top of it I managed.

    Fortunately the back door opens outwards but the wind was blowing so I used it's hooter to try to get dad.

    At that time I didn't know where he was or if he had found the key and just left. So I got the door open and held by it's stay and drove out side to see his car.

    Still no sign till I found him asleep in the back seat of the car, he asked if I had been making a noise because he thought he heard something.

    Anyway, once I told him what to do with this key and how to lock the door he was away.

    This all sounds quite easy for a reasonably able bodied person but it took me 20 minutes.

    WE had a good laugh at it and I never thought that I would get out by myself.

    Don't tell my wife because she will want me to get the morning papers and take them up to her with a cup of tea before she gets up.

    Love Terry
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    That's a funny story TC and no doubt you will dine out on that for weeks. I would have an early night as you must be knackered (am I allowed to say that).

    Barry x
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    My goodness Terry, you must be exhausted. Parents!!
    Barry's right - it's a great story to tell.
    Bern x

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    Great story Terry, thanks for sharing

    Well done to you, I hope you know how to make breakfast to go along with your wife tea and paper....she's a woman she will find out what you were up too lol


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